Thinking about Mittens

I have been meaning to knit my son mittens for 2 years now.  In my defense, I did make a pair, but he was asleep and alas!  when he woke, they were too small (and then it didn’t snow, so I didn’t remake them).  Just recently, I have renewed my promise to make these mittens.  And so, I have had mittens on the brain.

When I popped onto Ravelry today, what did I see but this week’s Community Eye Candy and this beautiful pair:

Which are based on this pattern:

Deep in the Forest Mittens by Tuulia Salmela.

And so, I thought I would get you all thinking about mittens along with me.  Remember the Bella craze?  Can’t say I loved Twilight, but I did love her mitts:

Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault.  Really scrumptious gauntlets.  Bound to be lovely and toasty.

If you’re interested in practicing your colorwork, traditional patterns abound:

by Barbro Wilhelmsson  Really lovely, and just call to mind winters in the snow.

In the early – mid- nineties, I made these for everyone in my family:

Classic Elite’s La Gran Mittens (I still have one of my pairs).  Done in mohair doubled, they are as water/snow proof as a handmade mitten can get other than felting.

When considering the number of single mittens now in my house, and the climate in the DC area, I think I will go very basic

Basic 4 needle mitts by Mary Lou Egan

Maybe if I make random stripes and have the two mittens not match (but coordinate) it won’t matter when he loses one?  And yes, I will make an i-cord chain for him to thread through his sleeves, but still…

Do you have any mittens you are thinking about?

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