Celestarium KAL: custom colors & beautiful beads!

Amy came to me a while back very excited about a pattern, so off we went to the computer: Celestarium is what she showed me.

Northern Dancer's Celestarium

Northern Dancer’s Celestarium

While I knew that I couldn’t dive into this one myself, I could see she was itching to do it *someday*.  It took me a little while to convince Amy she should lead a KAL for it, I did manage to.  Along the way, we had the brilliant idea to ask Kate of Dragonfly Fibers to create some special colors for this project based on the sky…after all, not everyone wants to knit with gray like Marianne.

We’re timing the KAL for after the Sivia Harding classes here at the Spot, to ensure that everyone who would like to participate has a chance to learn how to add beads to their knitting if they need to learn (or feel free to set up a private lesson).

It also gives KALers time to decide which colorway to use:

*Please note, all colorways are shown on Djinni Sock, which we plan to use for the pattern, but you can always order them on any of Dragonfly’s other bases like Pixie, Traveller or Super Traveller.

And which beads to use:

Beads Personally, I think any of the golds would look great on Aurora Borealis, and the Silver Gray Ceylon would be fab on Stormy.  Do you see the Aqua lined white pearl?  So spectacular on Blue Sky or even Stormy.  Amy is leaning towards the size 8/0 24k gold lined crystal.  Sigh.

The KAL will begin Sunday, January 19.  Amy is here on Sundays, and she promises to be a little ahead of the pack so we can all ooh and ahh and get some idea of where things are going.  (She hasn’t cast on yet because she is finishing up her holiday knitting, but after that – stay tuned for celestial gorgeousness).  If you can’t join us on Sundays, the rest of the staff will be versed in the pattern to help and support you.

Come on in to see the yarns in person and to place your order whether or not you plan to knit Celestarium.  These colors are truly spectacular.

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  • 12/24/13 10:19 Nandi Coupal:

    Hey Marianne / JoEllen / Lee / Victoria – Am I completely crazy to jump into the KAL as a completely novice knitter? That pattern is so me in so many ways. I have to do it! Can I at least join in and promise to NOT hog time since I really won’t know what I am doing? And take some private classes (like weekly) at the same time? Pretty please? I want to use Aurora Borealis. Would like to use pearls, or a while AB bead, which I will purchase on my own. What size does the hole.need to be? What size beads are we using? How many do I need? Also, I will be able to drop by on Thurs or Fri. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I have been so freaking busy, really looking forward to my life being my own once again, and to picking up Crocheters of the Yarn Spot Unite thread again. Love you guys1 Happy Happy


  • 12/24/13 15:28 Victoria:

    I think it can be done, especially if you’re this interested! I will put you down for the Aurora Borealis, but come in and check it out, too. As for beads, come see what we have. Your choices amount to a 6/0 or an 8/0 Japanese Seed bead/size. I can show you what we can order if what we have doesn’t work for you. Or head over to Accents Beads in Rockville – they would be happy to help, too. Looking forward!


    • 12/26/13 8:58 “Blarney Yarny” aka Nandi:

      Dropping by today with my out of town guests… a knitter and a fabric designer. We are super excited about doing the Yarn Spot Squat today.


  • 12/25/13 22:44 Julie:

    Only one bead has to be pre-strung??!! Wow, I think I’m in. I have no business taking on another project but I’m finding it hard to resist this one! I love the night sky! And what a conversation starter! I have tried knitting with lots of prestrung beads once and gave up in despair. I MIGHT be able to tackle this; I know my way around a crochet hook!


  • 1/7/14 22:50 Lisa:

    I know that I missed the pre-order window (grrrr! to holiday travel delays), but is or will there be any of the DragonFly fibers that were specially dyed for this available for regular purchase before this KAL starts?


    • 1/8/14 12:12 Victoria:

      Hey there,

      The colors are fabulous aren’t they? Luckily, we all fell in love with them so much that we did, in fact, order some to have in the store. We have more Aurora Borealis, Twilight and some of each in other bases, too. If those aren’t the color(s) you’re interested in, just drop us an email info AT theyarnspot DOT com, and we’ll do our best to get the yarn you want in asap.