Guest Post: Ito Yarns

We are so lucky to have talented and generous staff members.  When  we received a shipment of Ito yarns, a new to us and to the US Japanese yarn company, Norah Howley volunteered to knit a sample.  She choose the Irokata Tee and has made a beautiful and wearable summer top. A great addition to her wardrobe (when we let her have it back!)  Here are the details:

From Nora:

Many of us have come across a pattern that just speaks to us to be worked. The Irokata Tee by Olga Buraya-Kefelian was on of those patterns for me. Simple and elegant, it can go from day to night. Long and slightly tapered, it flatters many body types.

But what yarn to knit it in? The perfect yarn soon presented itself. While at the store one night, Victoria unpacked boxes of a lovely new yarn from Ito. With names like Kuni and Washi these beautiful Japanese yarns seemed perfect. Ito 3

 And so they were. Washi is a fine paper and viscose blend and Kuni a lace weight silk. Together they make a beautiful fingering weight that knits up (on size 3 needles) to a  light airy fabric. And they were perfect for this pattern as you can see from the picture.

So a bit more detail about the yarns and the pattern:

Ito 1                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kuni, Washi and the cobweb lace yarn, Niji

First, the yarns are soft and easy on the hands. When blocked they soften even more. The result is a fabric that drapes and wraps. And while Washi is a “paper” yarn, it won’t disintegrate.

photo(9)As for the pattern, it is deceptively simple (and wonderfully well written). You cast on for the front, work your way up, use short rows to shape the neck and shoulders.   When the front is done, you switch colors and work down the back. The rounded hem is shaped with short rows. The hardest part of the pattern? Picking up the wraps on the short rows. I think I used every stitch marker I own.

So what else can you do with these lovely yarns? I am thinking shawls and scarves. Anything light and airy. Olga has lots of other lovely designs that could work but we’d love your ideas.



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