Summer Stitching

What do you like to make in the summer? I know some stalwarts who keep working on the woolies–sweaters, blankets and the like.  They are the prepared among us. Some turn to socks and, you have to admit, socks are pretty great for summer. Lightweight and portable, and yet hours of stitching fun.  And sock yarns and patterns range from staid barristers to crazy clowns.

plain sock Socks for Him








Sock yarn is not just for socks, of course.  Lace shawls are the summer go-to for many people.  Light yarn on larger-than-normal needles makes for a lap-ful of frothy beauty.  There are many faces of lace–

Summer Flies



Pretty Summer Flies is light and lovely and just enough of a challenge.







The Age of Brass and Steam is a modern, minimal marvel of a shawl–

Age of Brass and Steam

Another group of summer knitters uses the hot sticky steamy to get a head start on holiday gift making.  Hats, mitts, gloves, and such fall from their needles and hooks.  Say It With Color is just one of a myriad of hat patterns available.  The glove pattern, My Robot Overlord, is a witty take on a winter necessity.


Say It With ColorMy Robot Overlord


And others knit itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny baby things…Puerperium, for example.







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