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Victoria Loving the Yarn!

Victoria Loving the Yarn!

The Yarn Spot is a full service fiber store that supports knitting, crocheting, felting, spinning and weaving with a great selection of fibers and tools, along with friendly, knowledgeable help for all skill levels.



Victoria has been knitting seriously since the age of 18, and learned to weave and spin while living in San Francisco. She opened the Yarn Spot after a long career in theater and arts education. Victoria is a firm believer that knitting, spinning and weaving are community-building activities and works to create a welcoming Yarn Spot community. As a teacher and tireless crafter, she loves to help others create the objects and garments they crave, and is always up for trying a new technique.


Marianne has been knitting and crocheting since her teens and found time for a career in nursing and to raise a daughter. While living in Arizona, Marianne discovered a passion for teaching and detail. She can be found at the Spot knitting away and is always happy to help with projects (big and small).


Lee is a long time member of the fiber tribe. Her grandmother taught her to knit when she was eight and she has worked in local yarn stores since 1987!  Lee is also a second-generation yarn store owner.  Her mother was one of the owners of Yarns International, a fixture on the DC knitting scene for many years. She designs her own patterns and can be found at www.harperandfigg.com when she is not  at  The Spot.

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