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Really Last Minute Gifts

We are down to the wire for Christmas gifting. You may be tempted to throw in the towel but we have a couple of alternatives– first is another gorgeous yarn from Freia Fine Handpaints: Super Bulky. It has the same spectacular gradient or ombré colors you’re used to from Freia, only in a super bulky weight, 2 sts/inch – for lightning-fast projects! It’s a 100% wool, squooshy soft yarn that changes color as you work. We worked a… read more »

Sheep for You

I have been knitting teeny sweaters, not for baby Hannah, but for sheep.   See– I plan to put mine on a wreath but they would make great gift decorations, stocking stuffers, or you could wrap extra yarn from a gift to be used for repair. The sheep are a Heifer International fundraiser  by Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farm. There are alpacas, goats, and bunnies. Susan’s husband is cutting them all himself. The cut-outs can be ordered… read more »

What We Are Stitching

Because you know we at The Yarn Spot are ALWAYS knitting or crocheting something! Lee has been turning out little things like there is no tomorrow. A great hat–Pandion in Beach Avenue, without the pompom, and an Age of Brass and Steam, using Ancient Arts Merino DK, among others. Dorie was inspired by our shop sample of Dorian and is using the luscious Kathmandu Aran to knit it. Marianne has joined the Gradient Knit-Along and is almost finished… read more »

Knitting Rules?

I often tell customers that there are no knitting police and no hard and fast rules. And I mean it. We are in charge of our work and we get to make the choices. As with most things in life, we make better choices when we are educated–so you get to choose a cast-on and it is better if you have several to choose from. Should it be stretchy? firm? provisional? You get the point. Gale Zucker recently… read more »

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

You may have heard of the Slow Food movement. Basically, the idea is that food should be “… tasty, seasonal, local, fresh and wholesome.” (Link here.) Farmer’s markets, CSAs, and many restaurants support this idea of knowing where your food came from and how it was raised. If you think about it, knitting and crochet are “slow clothing.” The process of knitting a sweater or crocheting an afghan are much slower than buying those items. “I’ll knit a… read more »

Adventures of a missing sweater

Almost exactly a year ago, I parked my car on Fort Stevens Drive in D.C. so I could go teach knitting  at my children’s school.  Because I have been know to leave things behind I decided to leave my knitting bag, with my almost finished dog walking sweater in it, in the car.  When I and my car full of carpoolers left school for the day, I was aghast to discover my window had been smashed.  What was… read more »

Ponchos and Ruanas and Wraps, Oh My!

They’re back! Those cozy and versatile garments that cycle in and out every few years. 2015 is definitely an “in” year and we have chosen a few of our favorites to share with you. I have just finished the Sasha Wrap using pale gray Chalet (alpaca and bamboo0.) Heavenly soft and you can highlight a special button. Another good choice for chunky yarn would be the Margo Poncho , elegant and comfortable. Don’t let the neutral colors deter… read more »

Of Patterns, Gradients, and Challenging Yourself

Patterns: Cuff down, fair isle, cabled, hats, leg warmers, two at a time, infinity scarf…millions of choices. And it goes far beyond simply what product you would like to make. One has to consider what weight yarn you would like to use, what fiber content and the list goes on. What needles do you want to use? (Don’t scoff, when I was gifted a special needle, I absolutely picked my next project based on what I could use… read more »

Tika Bags are Just the Ticket

Sorry for the bad pun,  but these bags are terrific! We have three sizes–the Slick Wristlet in five fun fabrics is the perfect small project bag, the Slick Tricot, slightly larger than the Wristlet it can wrangle all but the biggest items, and the elegant Metro Bags–leather and linen or canvas with over-the-shoulder straps and useful inside pockets. Come find your perfect bag!


Autumn. Fall. Colorful leaves. Crisp air, maybe with a hint of wood burning in the background. Apple cider, apple picking, apple crisp. My favorite time of year has always been fall. For me, fall is characterized by exuberance and new things: new clothes, new school year, new yarn. New projects for my needles…happiness. This fall is no different. We have an amazing line up of new yarns and ideas coming your way. A lovely addition to our collection… read more »

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